If you don't do it while your walls are open to framing and drywall, then there is a 86% chance it will NEVER get done. Even if you wanted to soundproof your room or home later on, after construction or remodeling, it would cost you about 120% MORE than if you were to do it while the walls were already opened (new construction or remodeling). Who cares right?
Soundproofing ad's a huge amount of comfort , satisfaction, security, peace and quiet to your space than you might realize. This easy addition isn't just for office cubicles or radio studios! Soundproofing should be considered for Home Office and Home Theatres as well as residential restrooms and anywhere else peace and privacy are welcomed!

All outlets, light switches and especially recessed or in-set lighting needs to be treated for soundproofing.

Any cracks and/or drywall joints need to be treated. As well, drywall needs to be hung in a special way that includes at least three different techniques for adequate soundproofing.

Sound proofing, Sound dampening and STC insulation - We are experts in sound proofing your walls. This is a good idea for home office and home theatre applications. There is a LOT more that goes into understanding and correctly sound proofing a room than JUST installing Quiet Rock or a foam/Polymer based material on your walls!

From the wall texture you chose to have on your walls to the flooring and everything in between will greatly impact the sound quality of your space! Remember you are not only preventing sound from leaving your room but keeping outside noises OUT as well. This includes noises from other rooms like kids, TV's, roommates etc... as well as outside street noises like neighbors, dogs barking, traffic, emergency signals, airplanes, diesel trucks and much more!

Home Theatre we don't set up your speakers, but do know a lot about the placement of the speakers and can build custom enclosures, drywall chases and closets to allow for speakers, subs and other components.

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