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Drywall / Sheetrock Finishing - We are drywall finishers, pro's at floating drywall seams together

Level 5 Drywall - Super flat smooth wall surfaces that will have no texture, just flat and seamless, not fun or easy to do but it is attainable.

Wallboard / Drywall Repairs - Holes in the wall, cracks along your ceilings; We'll fix it and you'll never be able to see it was there to begin with. That is as long as you have the paint to match. We do not usually do any painting. If you however, prime the newly repaired area before painting, you will not have a "shadow effect" and you should be good to go.

Drywall Hanging including vaulted or high ceilings - Do you have 30' tall ceilings in a custom home, maybe in the Pinery? We can help you out, call, text or email for a free estimate of your Parker Colorado Drywall needs!

Commercial Drywall / Gypsum board - Commercial applications are not a problem, we are certified and insured. We focus mainly on residential, simply because the commercial applications usually require a lot of our time, thus we are not able to then get to other customer's needs.

Residential Drywall - The majority of our business is from customers in homes in Douglas County, CO. From Highlands Ranch to Castle Rock, Parker to Lone Tree, Acres Green and Park Meadows.

Sound proofing, Sound dampening and STC insulation - We are experts in sound proofing your walls. This is a good idea for home office and home theatre applications. There is a LOT more that goes into understanding and correctly sound proofing a room than JUST installing Quiet Rock or a foam/Polymer based material on your walls! It is not ever really possible (practical rather) to fully sound proof a space, but "sound proofing" methods when used, create a much better environment and comfortable atmosphere than compared to not doing anything at all (not doing anything meaning just drywall and standard framing etc...).

Drywall tape, texture and texture match - The only thing consistent about drywall texture is it's inconsistency.

Gypsum Product code specification - Certified 13 times with the American Institute of Architects.

Mold prevention and irradiation - Our certified education includes mold prevention. We can get rid of any and all mold that grows on the paper (cellulose material) that is on the outside of drywall sheets.
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-Standard Gypsum Mud, pre-mixed - Each one has a unique property to be used in drywall-learn more >>.
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