If you don't do soundproofing while your walls are open to framing and drywall, then there is a 86% chance it will NEVER get done. Even if you wanted to soundproof your room or home later on, after construction or remodeling, it would cost you about 120% MORE than if you were to do it while the walls were already opened (new construction or remodeling). Who cares right?
Soundproofing ad's a huge amount of comfort , satisfaction, security, peace and quiet to your space than you might realize. This easy addition isn't just for office cubicles or radio studios! Soundproofing should be considered for Home Office and Home Theatres as well as residential restrooms and anywhere else peace and privacy are welcomed!

Most builders do nothing for soundproofing over what is today's standard construction techniques for Douglas County, Colorado. Houses built in Parker and Castle Rock use standard framing and drywall, standard flooring and joists systems. Even if you upgrade to the better building products they still do nothing for soundproofing. In fact some things such as hard wood and tile flooring will actually greatly negatively impact the sound quality of a room. It is a lot harder to unfortunately to go back and soundproof a house or even a room that is finished.

Brunetti Designs offers one of a kind soundproofing options for finished rooms and homes. We can pull receptacles and switches out from the wall 1/2inch and add awesome sound control using Quiet rock drywall over your existing walls or ceilings. One sheet of this is equal to SEVEN sheets of standard gypsum drywall!!
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