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Why Soundproof?
Drywall repairs:
Soundproof is most easily achieved when your walls are at the framing or drywall hanging stage, and is important for several reasons. Have a drywall or soundproofing company in Douglas County provide you with peace and quiet. If you want to improve the sound quality of a room, such as a home theatre, or have a nice place to work such as a home office; We can do that for you. Everything needs to be taken into consideration: Properly soundproofing all outlets, light switches and in wall lighting (such as recessed lights) - Doors and Windows - Framing and the hanging of drywall needs to be specially done - Finished products like the walls texture, and flooring, and most importantly the way the drywall is fastened to the studs. Find out more about residential or commercial soundproofing here.
Brunetti Designs LLC, provides many drywall services. From repairing and texture matching holes in walls, to installing hundreds of sheets of drywall from the hanging to the finishing. We provide free estimates that are very detailed. You will get all pricing laid out from building materials to specialty products (and what they do and why we are suggesting to use them) to itemized labor cost for each stage of your project. Drywall is one of the most important steps in a remodel or building project. It is seen as the final finished product of any room or space. It is also very important because drywall after all, (walls and ceilings), is where sound goes too and gets stopped! Read more about our drywall services, how to repair drywall and what types of finishes there are.
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